Track and assist your riichi games

Mahjong Pantheon can help with games and tournaments

What Pantheon can offer?

Game assistant
Pantheon provides easy to use web-based assistant for your mobile device, which you can use to add new hands and games
Player stats
Any player can see their own and opponents' statistics and achievements for particular event
Game logs
Pantheon saves all game logs and provides a way to view them conveniently both in mobile assistant and on main ratings page
Tournament assistance
Any tournament host can use Pantheon to simplify the process of holding the tournament, use included seatings and other useful tools
Online tournaments
There is an option of holding an online tournament on external platform. Pantheon has paifu import functionality to view game logs
Local club games
Pantheon helps not only with tournaments, it also can se used to log the games you play in your local club

What does it look like?

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